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FaraParto Medical Imaging Center

FaraParto Medical Imaging Center

The comprehensive X-ray imaging center has been established in Shiraz with years of experience in various fields of medical imaging and years of serving Iranian patients and guests from other countries.

This center has extensive departments and services as follows:

FaraParto Medical Imaging Center – MRI department

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a type of medical imaging that produces detailed images of most of the body’s internal structures, including organs, bones, muscles, and blood vessels. The MRI machine produces these images using a large magnet and radio waves, and harmful rays such as X-rays are not used in this imaging method. These images will give your doctor important information in diagnosing the disease and planning its treatment.

The waves used in MRI are radio and magnetic waves that do not harm the body. MRI uses the physical fact that the protons that are placed in the nucleus of atoms rotate around the axis of the earth at a high speed, and as a result, they form a magnetic field around them.

In MRI scan in FaraParto Medical Imaging Center, the patient is placed in a very strong magnetic field. This field causes the axis of rotation of protons in the nucleus of atoms in all tissues of the body (especially the protons in the nucleus of the water molecule) to be along the MRI magnetic field lines.

Then special radio waves are radiated to the patient’s body. These waves, which are sent as pulses, cause the rotation axis of protons to change slightly.

At the end of the radio pulse, the axis of rotation of the proton returns along the lines of the magnetic field. This return creates a new radio (electromagnetic) wave.

Then these secondary radio waves that are emitted from each proton are received by the receivers of the MRI machine and sent to its computer. The MRI computer is very powerful and has high computing power.

In this computer, the received waves are quickly analyzed and then images are created based on these analyzes that the doctor sees on the monitor of the device and prints them if necessary.

In the MRI computer in FaraParto Medical Imaging Center, it is determined which parts of the body emit more radio waves. The higher the intensity of the wave received from a point of the body, the more proton density there is, and because the most abundant atom in the body that has protons is the hydrogen atom that is in the water molecule, so wherever the radio wave is sent, there is actually more water.

In fact, what MRI does is to show where there is more water in the body. Because the concentration of water molecules in the tissues of the body is different, and as the tissues become sick, this concentration changes again, it is possible to create a very accurate picture of the shape of the various tissues of the body using the received information.

One of the distinguishing points of this method with CT scan in FaraParto Medical Imaging Center, is that in MRI the images of soft tissues such as cartilage, tendons, ligaments, nerves and veins can be seen very clearly and precisely, and this imaging method is especially useful for diagnosing diseases of this tissue. It is useful.

After MRI, it is mostly used to check the problems of the soft tissues of the body, while CT scan is more useful to check the bones and its lesions and injuries.

MRI is an imaging method that helps the doctor to diagnose the disease.

FaraParto Medical Imaging Center

Ultrasound department of FaraParto Medical Imaging Center

Ultrasound is a method of medical imaging that uses sound waves to image the soft tissues inside the body. Sound waves pass through the body and according to their frequency, the signals are converted into images on the computer. Ultrasound can also be used for tissue or fluid sampling.

Interventional radiology department in FaraParto Medical Imaging Center

Interventional Radiology, is one of the specialized branches of radiology that diagnoses and treats patients with the help of CT scan, ultrasound, MRA, fluoroscopy and special techniques with the necessary expertise and skill of the doctor. Takes. Many diseases that required extensive surgeries in the past are now treated easily and without surgery with the help of this technique. Almost all interventional radiology procedures can be performed by making a small incision on the skin, and as a result, there are much fewer complications.

CT scan department

Computed tomography, commonly called CT Scan, is a diagnostic imaging method that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to create images inside the body. In this method, high-precision images of different parts of the body are shown, including bones, muscles, fat, organs, arteries, and veins.

CT scans are of higher quality than standard X-rays. In a standard X-ray in FaraParto Medical Imaging Center, a beam of energy is directed towards the part of the body that is being studied, and then a plate that is located on the other side of the body part receives the rays and the tiny fluctuations of the rays after passing through the skin, bone, It examines and processes muscle and other tissues. Although a lot of information is obtained from standard X-rays, many details about internal organs and other tissues are not available in this way.

In a CT scan, X-rays move around the body in a circular manner. This method enables more viewing angles of an organ or tissue and provides far more details. The information from the rays is then sent to a computer unit that analyzes the information and displays it in two-dimensional form on the screen. Newer technologies and advanced software make such 3D imaging possible.

CT scans are generally used to diagnose tumors, check for internal bleeding or check for other internal injuries, and to take samples of tissue or secretions.

In FaraParto Medical Imaging Center, appointments for CT scans are made daily, and if you have the necessary preparations, you do not need to make an appointment to perform a CT scan. This is one of the reasons that makes FaraParto Medical Imaging Center one of the best CT scan centers in Shiraz.

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